The infiBudget

The budgeting system I developed is designed around a simple premise: if a budget is easier to use, the likelier you are to actually use it. By focusing on how much money you want to spend in a given year rather than going through each expense as a line item, you can essentially put your money on autopilot while at the same time knowing exactly how much extra money you have. With that knowledge, you can eliminate debt and build wealth with incredible efficiency.

Right now, there are templates only for the simplest of income situations.  In the future, I hope to add more to reflect multiple streams of income and irregular incomes.

With that said, here’s where you can download your copy of the infiBudget and how to use it:

Single Consistent Income Templates

infiBudget Template – One Person, Single Income

infiBudget Template – Two People, Single Income Per Person

Additional Tools

Slush Fund Planner

Paycheck Calculator (offsite link)